CHANGE WE CAN ALL HELP TO MAKE: “Save Children by empowering their parents”

Six (6) million African children die every year due to hunger and malnutrition. Over 60% of African families live off less than $1.25 or a meal per day. Yet, much emphasis continues to be put on food aid programs, education and disease eradication. But how much does a hungry adult or child care about education or medication?

Agriculture has long been the dominant sector in much of sub-Saharan Africa in terms of output, employment and export earnings. It accounts for approximately 21 percent of the region’s GDP (FAO, 1994:1).  However, the rate of food output has lagged behind the rate of population growth. The current annual food production growth is estimated at 1.7 percent, over one-third less than the 2.8 percent average annual population growth rate. Why such a crisis despite Africa’s abundance in agricultural lands?

In fact, most people believe there has been a lack of political will to invest in Agricultural development. Commercial food production by the means of modern farming tools and education is the only way to hunger and poverty eradication, thus breaking the chronic cycle of dependency. Is there any gain in keeping people dependent and poor?

IAA understands that in order to achieve the goal of ending extreme poverty and hunger within West Africa, industrialized nations must help developing countries progress through the use of modernized farming techniques. The solution is to train and educate the people on how to produce enough staple foods (rice, tubers and beans) to feed everyone and show them how to sustain that production.


Beside your direct contribution to, you can join our good search campaign, a way of raising funds without using your money. Use the following link for all your searches on the web if you choose not to register. But you can register to maximize your fundraising effort by using goodsearch chopping and dining to win a free trip to Cote d’Ivoire. Good shop and dining yield the most return.

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Should IAA meet its targeted campaign goal, IAA will select the five (5) top contributors to fly to the Ivory Coast to meet with the IAA team and meet with the community we are serving.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: $ 100,000 till 12/2012. That is 10,000 supporters raising $10.00 each.

(The trip will be awarded during the summer 2013 by participating airlines and local hotels to this campaign.)

Every fund raised will be leveraged

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